Martsolf's surreal paintings consist of extremely well-crafted and detailed surrealist subject matter brought into the real world of coherent physical space and lighting.  For details of title, size, and to examine a surreal painting more closely or to explore options for prints of any piece, click on the surreal image of your choice. 

"Wonder" - 2012 - surreal oil painting on canvas - 48" x 36" - $45,360

Example below left "The Surreal Cathedral" - 1979 - oil on canvas - 51" x 30" - $47,880

"Surrealism is incredibly real and subtle in Martsolf's surreal paintings."

"Surface Tension" - 1983 - Surreal Art - oil on canvas - 78" x 48" $110,880

"The Last Supper" (directly above) - 1983 - oil on canvas - 72" x 52" - $97,230

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Free wallpaper:

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