March 2019

Paradise City Arts Festival, March 22-24, 2019 at the Royal Plaza Convention Center in Marlborough, MA.  See you there!

February 2019

Solo show at Gallery Z and participation in their "All Things Red" group show.  Gallery Z, Lowell, MA.

January 2019

Martsolf sold three pieces at his solo show at the Parish Center for the Arts in January, 2019.  

December 2018

Dave will have smaller works for sale in three galleries in Lowell, MA for the holiday season.  The galleries are the Arts League of Lowell, The Brush Art Gallery, and Gallery Z.

October 2018

"The Ecstasy" was included in Arts Worcester's "A Matter of Perspective" show at the Aurora Gallery in Worcester, MA.

September 2018

Dave has been juried into the Paradise City Arts Festival to take place March 22-24, 2019.  See you there!

August 2018

Martsolf's oil on canvas "Wonder", 48" x 36", 2012, $1300, has been juried into the exhibition "Variations in Scale" at the Arts League of Lowell's main gallery.  The show will run from August 10 through September 23.  See the "Show and Reception Photos" tab for more details.

July 2018

Martsolf was interviewed by "Boston Voyager".  The Interview is linked here.

Martsolf participated in the Arts League of Lowell (MA) New England members show, and also in Gallery Z 's Group Show (also in Lowell, MA).  See the "Show and Reception Photos" tab for more details.

June 2018

Martsolf joined Arts Worcester (Massachusetts).  Click here to take a look at his artist's page at their site.

Notice from the Colors of Humanity On-line Art Gallery. 

    I am pleased to inform you that "Glen Falls" and "Waterfall" have been accepted for inclusion in the June 2018 show, “Water”. Congratulations! Multiple accepted entries came from 16 different states in the USA as well as 11 other countries: Austria, Estonia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, and Uruguay.  A variety of styles and mediums were entered, including but not limited to acrylic, colored pencil, digital, felt, gouache, mixed media, oil, pastel, photography,  and watercolor.  The judging criterion was originality, interpretation, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium. Other factors, such as the clarity of the images provided and their ability to be viewed online, also contributed to our decision. Images below.

May 2018

At the "From All Sides" sculpture show at the Arts League of Lowell one of three Martsolf architectural sculptures won 1st Prize, including a monetary award.

photo courtesy of Bob Stegmaier, taken with the artist's camera.

Dave Martsolf's solo show at Gallery Z, has sold three works.  The postcard below also appeared in the May/June 2018 issue of Artscope as a half-page ad on page 60.

"The Theories of Heisenberg and Einstein Weighed by a Partial Observer" was sold.  Base photography copyright Bob Stegmaier, 2018, used by permission.

"The Millennium Stone" (left) and "Full Force" (right) were sold.

Martsolf also joined the Gallery Z Co-op as a participating member.  His space contained these artworks in May 2018.

The "From All Sides" sculpture show postcard at the Arts League of Lowell.  The work "Knossos" was used to create the postcard for this show.  

April 2018

Participated in the ALL Gallery's "Take Back the Night" show with three digital art limited edition prints. Photos of prints and friends below.

Earned a Certificate of Excellence for work submitted to Artavita's 26th Online Art Contest.

March 2018

Participated in the Arts League of Lowell "Honoring Gaia" group show and received the "People's Choice" award for the oil painting "Homecoming".  I also included three other Gaia-related works in my own members' space (photos below).

March 2018

Martsolf joined Gallery Z in Lowell, Massachusetts and participated in their "Looking for America" group show, exhibiting three works including the larger "Fast Food" oil on canvas highlighting his expressive drawing style.

March 2018

Martsolf participated (below) in the Brush Gallery's Four by Four for Education charity show.  All works were painted by members on individual 4" x 4" blocks.  All (more than 130) were sold through the raffle.  A great contribution by all artists and patrons to support education, our one hope against the darkness of ideologues.  Question Authority!

February 2018

Martsolf joined The Brush Gallery and Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts. Below are photos of the gallery and Martsolf's wall space in the Associate Artist's section.  Offerings will change monthly. The selections below range from $50 - $100.


February 2018

Two of Martsolf's digital artworks were included in the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art's Electron Salon art exhibit, January 11-February 8, 2018, that just closed.

The artworks "Emma's Sunglasses" and "Global Watch" were printed on paper 30" wide for 'sunglasses' and 38" wide for 'watch'.  


"Emma's Sunglasses"   2009                                  "Global Watch"   2009

Below are photos from that show.

To take a look at the latest small original hand-colored ink and pencil drawings CLICK HERE.

To take a look at the latest large format abstract paintings shown below CLICK HERE.

February 2018

Martsolf was chosen Grand Prize winner Artist of the Month for February at TheArt List.  In addition to a $75 prize, Martsolf was given an interview and images web page on their site, which can be reviewed by clicking on the image below.

Click on the image below to go to The Art List's Facebook page.

February 2018

Martsolf joined the Arts League of Lowell (Massachusetts) and set up a 3' wide section of wall space in the member's art space. Click on the image below to go to the art league's web site.

January 2018

Two of Martsolf's digital artworks are included in the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art's Electron Salon art exhibit (see February item above).

Exhibit Dates: January 11-February 8, 2018


Photos of the Martsolf Studio, December 2017 - to see Dave at work click on "About Dave Martsolf".

Click on the tab "Recent Work" in the header above to review my latest artwork.


December 2017 - The oil painting "Passages" (see Recent Work) was included on Absolute Arts home page (December 29, 2017) both as a new work and as a Trending Artist example.  In addition a digital photo of Dave Martsolf, his wife, Emma, and a nearby honey bee were featured as Fine Art Photography.

December 2017 - The oil painting "Network" (see Recent Work) was included in Absolute Arts newsletter, "Recently Released Artworks:December 2, 2017.

November 2017 - Included in Fusion Art's 3rd Annual Colorful Abstractions Online Juried Art Exhibition.  The oil painting "Dr. Wolf and the Black Cat" (below) was honored.

"Dr. Wolf and the Black Cat" - oil on canvas - 20" x 16" - 2017 - $640

October 2017 - Included in Fusion Art's 3rd Annual Figures & Faces Online Juried Art Exhibition. The drawing "Richard the Lion Heart" (below) was selected.

"Richard the Lion Heart" - 8.5" x 7" - 2017 - archival ball point pen on paper - $100

September 2017 - Earned a Certificate of Excellence for work submitted to Artavita's 24th Online Art Contest.

August 2017 - Three of Dave Martsolf's surreal oil paintings were selected to be included in the "Dreams 3" online exhibition at Gallery 25N's websiteopening on August 9th. and will co-market the artists and art exhibition through an electronic mailing list of 26,100 subscribers of "Art Market News" and through all popular social media vehicles.

Dave Martsolf's contemporary surreal art is also represented by exclusive on-line Vertex Art Gallery as one of several major contemporary artists. 

Dave Martsolf Art Collections - Click here 

If you feel more comfortable purchasing artwork from a dedicated business web site click here or on "The Cathedral" (above) to go to Absolute Arts where all of Martsolf's artwork is available.

"Gaia Warrior Under Siege", August 2016.  His message, requesting all beings to take on responsible stewardship of their local natural world resonates with us.  The piece is painted on Arches 300 g/m2 Aquarelle watercolor paper is matted and framed under glass.

"Gaia Warrior Under Siege" - 18" x 14" - 2016 - surreal watercolor on paper - $500

"Wonder" (below) is Dave Martsolf’s most recent large Surreal oil painting art work.  It is an example of the highest quality contemporary surrealism artwork not often  found in modern times. The piece is oil on linen canvas, is 48″ × 36″ in size and is priced at $3500 USD. Contact the artist at or call 1-603-568-0415 for more information. Click on the image for prints. 

"Wonder" - 48" x 36" - 2012 - surreal oil painting on canvas - $3500

The state of awareness called wonder is portrayed with a surreal view of a human form placed in a perspective environment that is upward in view point and outlook.

Special Offer - Web Site Developers may use any surreal image on this web site as decoration for a web page as long as you add a small font credit that includes the words Surreal Art by Dave Martsolf .

An exhibition of Martsolf's major realist and surrealist paintings at Galatea Fine Art on Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA in 2012 met with positive reviews from and Artscope magazine. 

Take a recorded tour of the show here with this YouTube video of 

The exhibit featured 10 major surreal oil paintings.  These pieces or others of similar size and complexity, as well as a large collection of framed surreal watercolors are available for exhibition in 2018 throughout New England and New York.  Contact for open dates.

Martsolf has also published a book on his art at, which is also available at  Click on the book image to go to and take a look at this in- depth survey of the man and his art.

The Galatea Gallery Solo Show was also reviewed by Artscope Magazine's Jan 5, 2012 
E-mail Blast! publication.  ArtScope wrote:

"When realism and surrealism collide, you get Dave Martsolf. He has the skills and trained hand to make his paintings graphic and true to life, which he pairs with his theoretical, conceptual imagination. It is not very often that we come across an artist so grounded yet so fanciful, all in the same instance.

Martsolf's work is fresh and original. He takes the everyday and ventures with it into the unknown, a journey that results in his astonishing art. Even some of his most far-fetched pieces posses an aura of sanity and organization, dispelling any notion of the irrational or unconscious typically associated with surrealism."

Photo from the Galatea Fine Art Opening Reception - January 2012

Click here or on the photo below to see more from this art event.

Martsolf's style ranges from classical surrealism to organic modern dance rhythms in drawn line, shape, and volume, giving rise to physical forms of life and motion. Martsolf works primarily in oils, watercolor, ink, and pencil.

To purchase individual works of art, please use the following links:

Original Artworks: 

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Free wallpaper:

Free wallpaper:

Love to rank things?  Rank Martsolf's surreal paintings at:

Original works: write 

Prints are available either on canvas or high quality photo paper.  Clicking on any image will take you to the image's location at Fine Art America.  This web site produces a very high quality print.  Martsolf uses it on his web site exclusively for hard copy prints of his surrealist art.

To view all of Martsolf's surreal art work click here Fine Art America.