"A Planet Remembered" - 8" x 10" - 2002 - 2018 - colored pencil and ink on paper - $60

"Compartment Man" - 8" x 9" - 2002 - 2018 - colored pencil and ink on paper - $60

"The Infection" - 7" x 9.5" - 2002 - 2018 - colored pencil and ink on paper - $60

"Royal Fireworks Barge" - 8" x 8.5" - 2016 - 2018 - colored pencil and ink on paper - $60

"The Living Planet" - 10" x 6" - 2002 - 2018 - colored pencil and ink on paper - $60

"The Egg and I" - 8" x 9" - 2018 - colored pencil and ink on paper - $60


2018 began with the creation of a new art form, abstract photography of fragile oil paintings on paper.  The first in the 15-piece series is described below.  To see all 15 click here.

The image below is a photograph of an abstract oil painting in a variety of mixed oil and thinner mediums applied to paper media.  Martsolf has created 15 unique designs in this style.  Each painting is a miniature that Martsolf has judged could be printed at very large sizes up to SEVEN FEET in its longest dimension.  In order to accomplish this task very high pixel count digital images were uploaded to Fine Art America whose web site specializes in the production of highest quality art prints in a variety of sizes on canvas or archival papers suitable for framing.  Below is just one example of the 15 original works. Click here to see them all.

A link to the relevant Fine Art America web page has been included under the image for further inspection at higher resolutions and print orders (no obligation or pressure to purchase - you can browse freely).

"Man Chased by Mountain Lion" - oil on paper - 2018 - priced by print size at this Fine Art America Link  My abstracts often remind me of recognizable shapes. In this case I was reminded of ancient cave paintings. I saw a man as a black stick figure on the left being chased by a reddish brown mountain lion on the right. I suggest this would make a great art print on the order of 24 x 48 for placement in a living room over a couch or sofa.

You can order a print from Fine Art America at any size up to and including the size below, printed on canvas, framed and shipped to you for under $1000.  Price varies by size and frame choice.  Can be shipped unframed rolled in tube if you prefer.