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"Here We Are" (below), 40" x 72"', completed Sept 2020. Click on the image for a more detailed view.

                             "Here We Are", 40" x 72", oil on canvas, $4750

In the midst of dark times politically, economically, and in terms of the pandemic, "Here we Are" shows the wonders of nature and the possibility for serenity and happiness on our small planet.  The giant star is an X-ray image of our sun.  The title asks the viewer to focus on the here and now, which is the gateway to all universes. The honeybee is actually closer to the viewer than the flowers in the foreground, a natural shock generator that attempts to wake the viewer up to the importance of the present.

"Topology 101" (below), 4' x 6', completed July 2020. Click on the image for a more detailed view.

"Topology 101: Imagine Space Inside-Out", 44" x 72", oil on canvas, $4750

"Topology 101: Imagine Space Inside-Out" - free commentary by the artist

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Globally, I am represented by Singulart and Art Sleuth.

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2020 - Exhibitions

Second Place - "Weather Art Competition" - Art Room Gallery (online)
"For the Love of Earth" - @ the W Gallery, Wayland, MA, Nov-Dec

"Eighth Annual One" - ArtsWorcester, Worcester, MA, September

"Resilience" - Members' Show - Gallery Z, Lowell, MA, September

"Gravity/Levity" - ArtsWorcester, Worcester, MA, July 9 thru August 16
"March Members Salon" - @ the W Gallery, Wayland, MA, thru March

"Faces" - Group Show - ALL Arts Gallery, Lowell, MA, Feb 28 - Apr 19

"Bodyscapes" - Juried Show - Gallery Z, Lowell, MA, Mar 4 - Mar 29
"April Members Salon" - @ the W Gallery, Wayland, MA, thru April

"Transitions" - ArtsWorcester, Worcester, MA, Mar 20 - Apr 18

"Through the Eyes of a Child" - Solo Show - Greenwald Gallery/ALL Arts Gallery, Lowell, MA, June, 2021

2019 Festival Shows

Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, Chantilly, VA,  (Washington, D.C.) December

Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, Oaks, PA (Philadelphia) November

Paradise City Arts Festival, Marlborough, MA (Boston) March

2020 Recent Artwork

You can view ALL my work in chronological order at my Artwork Archive by Clicking HERE.

To view smaller abstracts click HERE.

My current ongoing Dance Series features original abstract flowing line designs complemented with pastel or bold background colors.  The first in the series, "Dance 1" is shown below.  Click HERE to see the entire series to date.

"Dance 1" 24" x 36"
This is the first of a series of "Dance" paintings that emphasize the abstract 
flowing quality of the drawn line above all other visual considerations.

oil on canvas $1000 - write to for purchase

I also continue to create other larger oil paintings  In these paintings the line creates recognizable objects.  Click here to see the collection. Several examples are below.

"The Cloud Wizard" 24" x 48"
oil on canvas $1400 - write to for purchase

"Cumulus Party" 30" x 48"
oil on canvas $2000 - write to for purchase

"Sunrise" 24" x 48"
oil on canvas $1400 - write to for purchase

"Billboard Man"  30" x 48" 
  oil on canvas  $2000

Print Options/ Billboard Man

My smaller abstracts have become very popular of late.  Click here to see this recent work. One example is below.

"Burst"  16" x 20"  oil on canvas   $400

You can also click HERE to see other collections of my work in different mediums.

Dave's early surreal oil paintings can be viewed below.

Click on the image below for an enlarged view and purchase information.  

"Windows of Allegory" - 32" x 48" - 1979 - oil on canvas - $4200

"The Cathedral" - 31" x 50" - 1979 - oil on canvas - $4200

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Prints are available either on canvas or high quality paper.  Framing options are also available.  All print orders are managed and shipped by Fine Art America.  This web site produces very high quality prints.

Click here for a recent article regarding my artwork from the Merrimack Valley Magazine's June 2019 online edition.