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Below are my latest oil paintings for purchase and prints.

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Thanks so much for visiting. - Dave Martsolf

        "Aphrodite"  30" x 40"           "Back in the Saddle Again"           "Portals"  30" x 40"

         oil on canvas  $2520          30" x 40" oil on canvas $2520         oil on canvas $2520

  Print Options/Aphrodite        Print Options/Saddle           Print Options/Portals

 "Three Men"  48" x 30"                                      "Onward" 48" x 30"
  oil on canvas  $3675                                      oil on canvas $3150

  Print Options/Three Men                            Print Options/Onward

 "Twelve Glyphs"  48" x 48"                                    "The Ecstasy" 48" x 48" 
   oil on canvas  $4830                                          oil on canvas $4830

  Print Options/Twelve Glyphs                         Print Options/The Ecstasy

 "Emily's Transit"  36" x 36"                                    "Emma's Transit" 36" x 36" 
   oil on canvas  $2730                                          oil on canvas $2730

  Print Options/Emily's Transit                         Print Options/Emma's Transit

"Urban Planning"  18" x 24"
oil on canvas  $892

Print Options/Urban Planning

David's early surreal oil paintings can be viewed below.

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"Windows of Allegory" - 32" x 48" - 1979 - oil on canvas - $4200

"The Cathedral" - 31" x 50" - 1979 - oil on canvas - $4200

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Prints are available either on canvas or high quality paper.  Framing options are also available.  All print orders are managed and shipped by Fine Art America.  This web site produces very high quality prints.